When to Buy?

Have you ever wondered, when should I buy that new laptop, iPad, couch, or LED HDTV? YES of course you have! The list below should help with that.

The Want When to Buy Why Now
Video games January or February Many releases happen near the holiday season, and prices drop afterward
TV April, Thanksgiving to the Super Bowl New models in March; long holiday sales season
Couch January or July New models arrive in February and August, so old inventory needs to be cleared out to make room
Mp3 player and small electronics April; Black Friday and Cyber Monday; August–September Manufacturers clear out after the Japanese fiscal year ends in March; holiday blowouts; back-to-school; iPod usually refreshes in October
Grill July–August; October Sales start on or after July 4; stores make room for winter stuff
Cars September–October; end of the month; Mondays Clearing out 2012 models; sales people reaching for commissions; dealers making up for slow weekends
Gym membership June Far from New Year’s rush, nicer weather takes people outside, and gyms worry
Computer August; December Back-to-school; holidays
Electronics Mondays Manufacturers apply rebates for retailers; weekly sales begin
Gas Wednesday or early Thursday Prices spike Thursday p.m. for weekend

Amazon Cloud Player

Just a quick shout that the Amazon Cloud Player is really excellent. I’ve lost music over the years from failed hard drives and Sync software that deleted songs that it shouldn’t have deleted GRRRRR I won’t mention names but the product has been re-badged several times and still has this issue..

Anyhow moving on – Cloud Player is great. Uploading to it is simple.  One thing that they need is a mini control that you can install as a plugin and have it sit at the bottom of your browser, much like the Meebo Mini-Bar.

Ok so go check out the Cloud Player. Save your ears, save your songs!


What’d ya get?

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