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Samsung 24″ HDTV Monitor

I’m so excited! My new present came today. It’s an HDTV Monitor. I bought it to use as a second monitor for my MacBook Pro. The monitor model is T24B350ND blah blah, who cares? Well you might care if you want to buy this.

Of course I didn’t pay retail for it, I bought an open box from eBay. It looks pretty good too, has a few scuffs on the bezel which I noticed when I opened up the box but now I can’t see them unless I try to find them.

The display looks great! It’s LED, 1080p and has a lot of connections! 2 HDMI, Compnent, Audio In, VGA (PC), Antenna, USB and has audio out in them form of regular old headphone analog and the Digital Audio Out (optical). ¬†All tehse fancy features and I’m just going to be using it as a monitor? Nope! I’m gonna hook up a Blu-Ray player to it so I can watch some movies from my bed where as my old CRT can’t handle that.

Oh and thanks for a nice remote I can get comfy from across the room. Now my PC setup is looking good!